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About our company

  James R. Henry, the CEO, has been selling online since 2005 & offline since 1987. All of his life
  he has been an entrepreneur, understanding what other entrepreneurs want & need. We bring
  you Henrybuy to help you solve the problems of dropshipping and online selling worldwide. We
  bring you the tools & training necessary to accomplish your online dreams. And with HenryTek,
  we bring you cloud services to help you manage your online business(es), as well as your
  offline business(es).


Henrybuy is here to serve you, the customer and/or seller/vendor. Sellers/vendors earn a substantial profit through the Seller Space without giving most of your money away to the marketplace, us. We believe that you should be able to keep most of your money & not stress over hefty monthly fees or large commissions for every sale.

We provide every seller/vendor with a vendor shop, where you can showcase your own products in the categories you choose so your customers can begin to trust you and your brand. While we provide you a free shop, we also promote your products on the main Henrybuy website so customers can browse the main marketplace for other products that may be of interest to them.

Don't worry customers, we've provided something special for you too. We offer a rewards program where 1 point is earned for every dollar spent, and $1 to spend for every 100 points earned. Vendors, however, are not required to participate in this program if they opt not to.

It's free to shop on our site too, no membership or club fees, no annual fees, no fees whatsoever...and you keep the savings!

Some products may even have FREE shipping, coupons, promotions, & other savings too. Of course, the vendor opts for all of this, as it's their business, and you are their customer(s).

We strive to provide only the best for our customers & sellers/vendors. Check out the Seller Space today and start selling.