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Ma Cline's exciting Vital Gourmet Colombian Cafe, pure rich dark roast instant coffee, enriched with our special healthy mushroom blend included in the approximate amount of 250 milligrams per cup, combines two highly functional foods! This taste tingling product takes the enjoyment of coffee to the next level. Everyone knows Colombian coffee beans produce a great result. Bold flavor, ready to brew, the coffee boost you love, and your favorite supplement, all in one. A handy way to get vitality without having to remember to take capsules! Just add hot water! Easy to take with you for the office or when traveling!

Stop and think for a minute. Can you imagine feeling a little better? What could and would you do if you just felt a little better each day?  It is as easy as sipping your way to better health! You may forget to eat, but you never forget your coffee! For coffee lovers, Vital is a great way to make coffee even healthier. Ma' Cline is proud to offer a very low acid coffee, which means saying goodbye to acid reflux. And, Ganoderma is a natural caffeine modulator so your morning boost is smoothed and extended and there is no peak and crash effect. Just good energy throughout the day. Ahhhhhh….

Vital Gourmet Columbian Cafe, pure rich dark roast instant coffee,  enhanced with Ma' Cline's special healthy mushroom blend, a perfect combination of functional foods comes in an 8 ounce resealable bag, a month's supply for 1 person, so you can mix each cup exactly the strength you like it.

For those hot seasons, Vital is just as delicious prepared as Iced Coffee. Prepare with water just warm enough to dissolve the powder, then pour over ice. Simply fun and refreshing! Wow! Ahhhhh…… We know you’ll love it!

Serving Suggestions: But wait, Vital has another face! Sprinkle a bit on vanilla ice cream or yogurt for a great dessert! (Shhhh….. Don’t let your guests see you make it.)

For more information on the history, science, and benefits of Ganoderma, Click Here

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